GEOGRAPHY YR 13 Visit to Sizewell B Power Station Wednesday 11th February 2020

We are running a Geography Trip to the Sizewell Power Stations as part of your son/daughter’s studies on Energy Security.



We are able to access the reactor building and look at how Edf operate a nuclear site, the students will be able to consider nuclear power and public perceptions of it.  The site is expanding over the coming years and they will use the knowledge obtained from the visit to support discussion on alternative energy sources for the future. 

In accordance with EdF security protocol when visiting the site, please note the following: 

  • Each visitor over the age of 16 years will require photographic ID for access via security.  An ‘in-date’ European passport or UK photo driving licence will need to be taken along on the day.  If you do not have either of the above, please see attached information regarding alternative forms of ID. 
  • ALL visitors will be searched by a security guard on entering the Station.
  • Visitors are required to wear sensible flat, secure boots or trainers with a grip on the sole and this must cover the whole foot.  Legs and arms must be covered; all visitors need to wear full-length trousers and a top with full-length sleeves.  A warm coat is also essential, as Sizewell can be cold and windy during the winter months.
  • All visitors should bring the minimum in terms of personal affects (bags, cases etc.).  All bags will be searched and need to be left in small lockers during the tour.
  • No mobile phones, cameras or other electronic devices are allowed on site.
  • The tour is physical (approx. 1.6 miles of walking, 190 steps and high platforms).

The cost of this visit is £8.50 per student, students will travel to and from Sizewell by coach, the coach will leave from One at 09:00 and return to the college in time for students to catch their usual mode of transport home. There are no facilities to buy food at the site, a packed lunch is required.

Please note that places are limited on this visit, in order to secure a place please ensure payment reaches us by the deadline of Friday 17th January 2020

Please return this parental permission slip directly to the Finance Office (G104) between the hours of 9.00am-1:15 pm by Friday 17th January 2020. 

Trip letter and permission slip

Please read the following student information sheet;

Trip information



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I give permission for my son/daughter to take part on this educational visit. I understand it is my responsibility to advise the College of any changes to my child’s medical history or their emergency contact details that the centre currently holds for them. Please email all changes directly to