A Level Photography


To complete your A Level Photography course this year you will need the following items throughout the next two years: 

  • A1 Folder
  • A3 Flip Files or sketchbooks
  • A1 and/or A2 Prints
  • A1 Mount board/Foam board

At the beginning of each year you can purchase a Photography Pack which will cost £25.00. This will cover the cost of the basic items you will need throughout the year. Should further items be required, Top Ups of £5.00 can be purchased as needed. 

It is essential for you to have an A1 folder to store all of your Final Pieces. Therefore if you are in your 1st year of your A Level course £4.20 of your pack will be used to pay for this. The remaining £20.80 can be spent as you need on the above items. If you are in your 2nd year you should already have an A1 folder and will therefore have the full £25 to spend on the above items. 

These items will be charged at cost price, thereby saving at least 15% were you to buy each item separately.

Payment is required by 30th September 2021

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